The Boredom Chronicler is a multimedia artist and a programmer. She has been creating art since the age of five. She draws, paints, sculpts, takes photos, and appreciates art in all forms.

Later on, she became fascinated with websites. This fascination led her to a career in programming. After graduating with a BS in Computer Science, she had worked for two IT companies — one of which gained her more knowledge and skills on web development.

At present, she is taking up MA in Communication. Why Communication when she came from an IT background?

With the emergence of blogging and social networking sites, she realized that Communication and IT are related. This realization and her dream of building websites pushed her to take up Communication. And doing so is like hitting two birds with one stone. It will not only help her realize her dream, it will also improve her communication skills and open more opportunities. Now, she is involved in web development projects.

Setting technology and media aside, she also dreams of becoming a professional photographer/makeup artist. As part of her preparation to be one, she took up photography lessons. Now, she intends to take up makeup lessons soon.

With an eye for beauty, artistic gift, and technicality, she decided to merge these talents and her interests and create an outlet for this fusion . The result? A chronicle of random thoughts and ideas — expressed in various forms — out of her boredom.


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