Confused much?


I got this from

My Future Career is a Computer Technician.
Take The Future Career Generator today!
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So I guess I won’t be wasting my degree then! ๐Ÿ™‚




Dear Lord,

Was I born to become my own boss?

Was I born to be a part of someone else’s life? CHOS!

I hope to get an answer from you soon.

Thank you very much.

Cha ๐Ÿ™‚



I am very grateful to/for the following:

1. My new job as a web developer

2. My procrastination and idleness being gradually replaced by activity and productivity

Bye bye Patrick?

3. Gaining weight (from 83 lbs to 90 lbs)

4. Mile for the GOOD VIBES and for proving that being an INDIANERA doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a bad friend ๐Ÿ˜€

Ifย you were a Care Bear you’d be Funshine Bear…ย And the HUMOR darling! The HUMOR…

What do you see? Is Winter Bean lonely? Then wait for Spring Pea! ๐Ÿ™‚

5. Daine for the videos we exchange, from crazy gadgets to silly, but catchy raps that get into your head.


6. Alina for asking me to take the cast’s photos:

and Mitzie for using my photos for the article she wrote:

Having my works published inspires me to take more photos.

7. For inspiring me to continue programming and teaching me a lot of things, be it technology or life in general (you know who you are)

8. Mom for being a good provider

9. Dad for the fast food deliveries I consumed lately (that’s why I gained weight)

10. Nina for the stories you’ve shared about the things happening to you including those who put you down…they’re just jealous because you get what you want…EFFORTLESSLY…so don’t let them get into you and be STRONG…and learn to prioritize…AND YES…YOU GOT YOUR BODY FROM YOUR MAMA!

11. For my supportive friends who are not as CRABBY as other people

12. For the NEGATIVE PEOPLE around me…they make me POSITIVE all the more…they say positive attracts negative, and vice versa…maybe that’s why…


Thank you very much. I feel very blessed.

Lately, I have been very much attracted to the color Turquoise.

Pantone says it’s the color of the year.

It’s also my birthstone.

Turquoise is very pleasing to the eye.

It is said to be a color of deep compassion and healing, a color of faith and truth, inspired by water and sky.

Turquoise is versatile. With warm and cool undertones, it goes well with any other color. It also adds punch to neutrals.

So I choose Turquoise to decorate my new room and my personal site.

And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.

– Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

You may be familiar with this quote. But not me. This quote is new to me. I got it from the wedding AVP of a friend’s friend. I asked him about the quote because it struck me. He told me that it’s from Paulo Coelho’s “The Alchemist”. I may not be familiar with the quote, but I am with the book. I’ve heard about it since high school but I never really got to read it. My friend, Boydee, said it’s a good read, so maybe I should try it out some time.

The reason why the quote struck me is that there was something I really really wanted in the past that I had to go through a lot, I even had to give up some things, in order just to get it. And I actually did. Although it didn’t last long. But it doesn’t matter. Nothing in this world is permanent anyway. What matters is that I achieved it and the events prior to the fulfillment of my dream must have been the universe’s conspiracy.

Last night, I set up two accounts for my soon-to-be realized project — Winter Bean. Winter Bean is a design firm which I and my friend, Mile, have thought of establishing since last year. But because of procrastination, fickle-mindedness, and “extracurricular” activities, we only came up with a name, a logo, and an unfinished mockup of our site.

Till there was Joseph, Mile’s dear friend, who has just stepped out of college with a Multimedia degree. He’s not just a graphic designer, he’s a photographer as well. I told him about Winter Bean and it seemed to have interested him. So, I created two accounts — an e-mail and a site — for the project. Now that there’s three of us (with Joseph as our hero) and our interest rekindled, I hope this project, and other projects in line, will push through and be a success.